Just because…a poem for Jennie

This is for a fellow mummy, who I do not know personally, but who has touched my heart (and quite a number of other people’s too) through her inspirational blog http://www.edspire.co.uk/ and twitter postings. This inspiring mummy to twin toddlers and a beautiful baby girl Matilda Mae, who was taken too soon from this earth, Jennie continues to find strength to post the most beautiful (but heartbreaking) posts of her much loved baby daughter.

For anyone who is going through the most unimaginable heartbreak, we can only read and send out our love and hugs, but this feels never enough to cushion the pain and for Jennie especially, the ache that she feels every day. Words sometimes too is never enough, but I hope Jennie knows how much so many people think of her and her family. We cannot fill or heal that missing piece of her family puzzle and their pain, but what we can do is read, understand and continue to support her in wherever her journey takes her to.

For Jennie [‘When Somebody Dies’] poem:

When somebody dies,

a cloud turns into an angel,

and flies up to tell God

to put another flower on a pillow.

A bird gives the message

back to the world,

and sings a silent prayer

that makes the rain cry.

People disappear,

but they never really go away.

The spirits up there

put the sun to bed,

wake up grass,

and spin the earth

in dizzy circles.

Sometimes you can see them dancing

in a cloud during the daytime,

when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

They paint the rainbows

and also the sunsets and

make waves splash and tug at the tide.

They toss shooting stars

and listen to wishes.

And when they sing windsongs,

they whisper to us,

don’t miss me too much.

The view is nice and I’m doing just fine.

~ Ashley

Goodnight Matilda Mae x


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